Often times a pastor(s) in a growing church doesn’t have the time to sit down one on one with a couple(s) to go in depth for hours discussing all the topics covered in this series.

What a great investment to make in the marriages and families of your church or organization!  You can use this as a teaching tool for all married couples in small groups or just the folks you see who are in need of greater communication and intimacy.  You can make this a church expense or you can purchase at the group rate plan and collect from the couples who wish to go through this amazing series.

It’s simple— purchase a group discount package for $499 WHICH WILL GIVE ACCESS TO TEN COUPLES (that includes 10 member access/ 10 downloadable workbooks + extras- that’s 50% off regular pricing!)

Then after confirmation of payment, we will send you a form to complete with member or participant information. Not sure who exactly will be going through your group course right now?  That’s OK; we will have a specific account set up for your church or organization that will keep tally of the available memberships in your plan and you can send member information to us all at once or as they sign up.

Still have questions?  Email us:  info@bestsexlifenow.com


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