Dave: I’m a pastor, writer, and the founder of StrongerMarriages.org, and I create marriage and family-building resources available online at DaveWillis.org.When my wife Ashley and I got married 13 years ago, navigating the complexities of a healthy sex life was something I just wasn’t prepared to handle. Our sex life is now one of the most fulfilling aspects of our marriage, but for years, it was a struggle.  Poor communication, unmet expectations, baggage from the past, my own struggle with pornography at the time, and many other factors contributed to disappointment in the bedroom.

As we have interacted with couples from all over the world through our online communities and live events, we have discovered that the struggles we faced are very common. There is an epidemic of unfulfilled sex lives within marriages. Of all the books and resources I have been a part of creating, this video series this one I am especially excited about, because I truly believe it has the potential to revolutionize couples’ sex lives and revolutionize their marriages as a result.


Ashley: Let me be the first to admit that I am by no means a “sex expert”. In fact, anyone who has known me for any length of time would probably laugh at the prospect! I was the girl in middle school and high school to most likely be called a prude. I was scared to death of having sex and made it quite clear that I just wasn’t going to do it until I was married. When I first met my husband, Dave, we both prayed to continue to save ourselves for marriage and we did. Once I was married, I thought I could flip a switch and finally see sex as an amazing gift from God rather than the dirty thing I didn’t do. I couldn’t do it. It was awkward and both physically and emotionally painful at first. I honestly thought something was wrong with me. I wished that someone had told me about the feelings that I might feel and how to have a healthy sex life in my marriage, but there were little to no resources available. After nearly fourteen years of marriage, Dave and I certainly don’t have it all figured out, but we do have a beautiful marriage and healthy sex life. After speaking with numerous women through our online marriage ministry and having conversations with friends, I have found that so many women feel completely disappointed and inadequate when it comes to their sex lives with their husbands. They so desperately want things to be better. Married couples are in great need of this resource, and I truly believe it can help drastically improve your sex life and your marriage.